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From Japan to the world

Japanese language taugh in an inovative way, simplier and funnier

Astral Language Learning is a japanaese school founded in 2005 and located in Sumida Ward, Tokyo. We are dedicated to teach nihongo exclusively trough the internet offering three different methods: Live Classes, Cartooned Video Lessons and Virtual Learning System.

As we intended to offer high quality japanese classes tutored by a native and experienced staff to people all over the world, we decided to develop a whole inovative online language program, from beginner to advanced level with original content and cartoons with a methodology adjusted to be taugh through the virtual enviroment.

So no mather your purpose in studying nihongo, choose a program that is definetely making Japanese learning simple and pleasant.

Meet Our Team

  • Noriko Fujita

    Graduated at Keisen University [Tokyo] as bachelor of Japanese Language and Culture and teaching experience for more then 10 years at OLJ Language Academy, Noriko is the head coordinator of all teaching staff and contents.

  • Jorge Penny

    Worked at Mariscal, an Illustration Studio located in Barcelona, Spain for many years, Jorge is the chief illustrator drawing all the original cartoons of our courseware materials.

  • Kiyomi Ishii

    Graduated at Chuo University [Economy]. Completed the official 420h/class of Teacher Training Course. Worked at OLJ Language Academy and at Mexico University. Kiyomi also coordenates all the office tasks of Nihongo Course.